The Scientific Reason This Neurologist Believes He's Seen Heaven


Dr. Eben Alexander thinks he’s seen heaven.

And yes, he knows you’re probably skeptical, but there’s scientific reason to believe that he was lifted to that higher place, he told HuffPost Live in a conversation.

The neurologist was in the midst of a seven day coma when he was diagnosed with a severe form of meningitis. The prognosis was accompanied by amnesia, and he doesn’t remember anything from that time except for one moment. He recounted:

I started out with an earth worm’s eye view. It was kind of foreboding, but since I had no memory of anything else, I simply accepted it as the way reality is. … I was rescued by this slowly-spinning clear white light that came with a perfect musical melody, and that spinning white light came towards me and opened up like a rip in the fabric of that ugly earthworm eye view and ushered me up into this brilliant valley — a valley I called the gateway valley. It was ultra-real. I was a spec of awareness on a butterfly wing. It was absolutely beautiful beyond any possible words.

Given his lack of memory at the time, the only medically-sound explanation is that that he’d been transported to heaven, Alexander said.

“This meningitis is the real kicker in this whole deal. There was so much damage to my neocortex, which they can see from their exams and scans, that there really … was no way for me to have a hallucination or dream-state or drug effect that would present this kind of bizarre, ultra-real experience,” he explained. “That’s why, to me, it was so mystifying when I came back to this world.”

Watch more from HuffPost Live’s conversation on heaven and back here.

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